Lyrics to Mad Flow
by 1-800-Zombie

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[edit]Song titleMad Flow
[edit]Artist name1-800-Zombie
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Spin that shit
1-800-Zombie are skilled at what they do
They drop rhymes every second just to annoy you
We've got the synth beats, the vocals that blow your minds
All you have to do is remember to get to the shows on time
We've got two young ladies that possess big ol' booties
And all the boys want to jump on the fuckin' goody goodies
When you hear our songs, you know they make you get busy
But that's okay, we approve of the nitty gritty

The zombies got the funk that makes you jump
You will get your GameBoys quick or just straight up pump
The zombies got the funk that makes you jump
You will get your GameBoys quick or just straight up hump
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We don't fuck around with you kids when it comes to games
It's just how we live our lives; the Yoshi Yoshi way
I hope that you can handle all the delicious that we got
Because the way that we push the button, we're sure to make you hot

The zombies got the funk that makes you jump
You will get your GameBoys quick or just straight up pump
The zombies got the funk that makes you jump
You will get your GameBoys quick or just straight up hump

I hope you got it down about just what we do
We will LOL all over, all over you
You don't mess with us because our flow is so phat
I guess I'll leave it here
I guess that is that
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Lyrics to Mad Flow
by 1-800-Zombie

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