Lyrics to Under Pressure
by 112

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[edit]Song titleUnder Pressure
[edit]Artist name112
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Hey guys?
Yo what's up y'all?
Hey why don't we do something for the jeeps you know?
Yeah that's cool, like what though?
Like some harmony over the hip hop tracks?
Yeah, I'm with it, I'm with it
Here check this out
Wait a minute, wait a minute, (clears throat) Now!

There's a girl I know who looks so
fine, she really turns me on
My friends said I should, but it's taken me too long
Every time I get the nerve to call, she is never home
I leave another message and I sit
here all alone, she's got me
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Under pressure,
And the feelin' she's giving me
Under pressure
Just pay attention to me baby

So I got a chance to talk to her to
see just where we stand
If she felt the same about me,
could I be her only man?
I tried to let it out, we could have some fun
But before I got an answer she said
she had to run, it's got me

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Lyrics to Under Pressure
by 112

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