Lyrics to Sculptor of Flesh
by 1349

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[edit]Song titleSculptor of Flesh
[edit]Artist name1349
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Music: Seidemann / Archaon /
Frost, Lyrics: Seidemann

Do you hear them calling from beyong?

As a foulness ye shall know them
As a foulness thou knowest thyself

Freed from the shackles of morality
And long long gone is the need for science
Through the wakening of the beast within

Oh did you not rejoice?
When you felt the power...
the power in your mind
No longer confined to nocturnal solitude

Walk among the herd
Mold them as you wish
In images of unearthly bizarrerie

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Sculptor of flesh
Architect of abomination
Mold the living flesh like clay

Sculptor of flesh
Warp the world
To your linking

And then the sun will set
And no new day will rise on humanity

Will you grieve for them?

Will the lack of their bleating cacophony
Strike a note within?

Rejoice, destroyer, anti-christ
For your deed was long overdue
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Lyrics to Sculptor of Flesh
by 1349

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