Lyrics to Halfway up the Downs
by 3 Colours Red

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[edit]Song titleHalfway up the Downs
[edit]Artist name3 Colours Red
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Halfway up the downs
I want to kill the clowns
They're laughing, laughing loud
Halfway up the downs
Halfway to somewhere
Halfway to nowhere

I try to give care
How can you play fair?
Halfway up the downs
I want to kill the clowns
They're laughing, laughing loud
Halfway up the downs

Where are you going?
Would you try for me?
What are you knowing?
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Halfway up the downs
I want to kill the clowns
They're laughing, laughing loud
Halfway up the downs

Who fucking cares?
Don't say you care
I know just where you're coming from
Just where you're coming from

And you've got to have money
New religion is money
New religion is money
Halfway up the downs
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Lyrics to Halfway up the Downs
by 3 Colours Red

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