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by 3T

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[edit]Song titleThankful
[edit]Artist name3T
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Taj Jackson/ Taryll Jackson/ TJ Jackson)

There's no doubt
You're the one, the special girl in my dreams
And hence down you're the best thing that has happened to me
Just like a glove you are there to catch me when I'm falling
You lift me up when I'm down
I will always be there for you

I want you to know that
I'll always be thankful (I'm so thankful that I have you)
With you by my side everyday I am grateful
You give me your love, that's so true and so beautiful
(So true, you're everything I could need)
(Girl I want you to know that) I'll
always be thankful for you

All my life, I waited patiently for you
And now that you're finally here
I can prove that dreams come true
(Everytime I'm lost) you help me find the way
(In my darkest hours) girl you're
there to lighten up the days
I believe if there's ever been a miracle it's here with me
And now I want to say

I want you to know that (I'll always
be thankful for you girl) (ooh I'm
so thankful)
Find more similar lyrics on you by my side everyday I am grateful
(Thankful, grateful, thankful that I have you)
You give me your love that's so true and beautiful
(You give me everything I could need)
(So now I want you to know that) I'll
always be thankful (for you)

And in my times of need
(You come and rescue me)
You always seem to find a way
Now I believe I can reach for the moon
And I (owe it all to you)
You show me the right when I am wrong
(When I'm weak) yet you'd be strong yea
And when there are problems, you know how to solve it
(Even if no words can show) still I want you to know

I want you to know that I'll always
be thankful (girl I will always be,
With you by my side everyday I am so
grateful (everyday I am so thankful,
every single day!)
You give me your love that's so true and beautiful
(So true and so beautiful, so true and so beautiful)
I want you to know that I'll always be thankful
(I'm so thankful that I have you)

So now I want you to know (that I'll always be thankful)
No matter what people say girl (I'll always be thankful)
So for now and always (I'll always be thankful) for you
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Lyrics to Thankful
by 3T

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