Lyrics to Walk Away
by 4ft Fingers

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[edit]Song titleWalk Away
[edit]Artist name4ft Fingers
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Take a minute to think
Sit down and pour yourself a drink
You know what is ahead it isn't
easy has to be said.

Even though it wasn't anything but perfect
You wouldn't give up on me
We knew the time was coming where
You would be walking away

Never did I see a frown, never did I see a tear,
Find more similar lyrics on'll be without you for ever more my dear
Walk away, Hand in hand
Try to think about me
Whilst you're gone.

But u put my feelings in a place for all to see
And I'm glad I'm living now for me

Living each day as it comes
And that's a hard thing to do
All I can say is that I'll miss you
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Lyrics to Walk Away
by 4ft Fingers

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