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Better Come On Your A Game by 50 Cent

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[edit]Song titleBetter Come On Your A Game
[edit]Artist name50 Cent
Curtis JacksonCurtis James Jackson III
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Chorus: 50 Cent
Nigga try and come play me
Better come on your A game, ay mayne - AY!
Niggaz try to move on me
I cock the heat, cause a melee, melee - AY!
Witness this shit, niggaz get hit AY!
Run with it spit, don't get hit by the A.K.
Take cover quick, niggaz on that shit AY!
Come broad day they'll get at you with the A.K.

50 Cent
Niggaz think they know me, I be on some other shit
My baby mama don't know me, I be with my other bitch
I blow a stack, I get it back, you keep in check, I get the gat
Then you wan' chitter-chat, now what kind of shit is that?
Strip club, shake it shake it, toss it up, make it rain
Semi tucked, I let it buck, I shoot the shit up out your gang
Find out who you're fuckin with cause I ain't for the sucker shit
Cut you like the cocaine, niggaz stay in yo' lane
I'm a muh'fuckin heavyweight, you ain't in my weight class
And me I'm movin heavy weight, get gone with your light ass
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plated nine-nine, your life's on the line


50 Cent
I don't give a fuck who outside, now listen
I don't give a fuck who get hit, I ain't missin
I come through that muh'fucker wavin the chopper
113th Precinct ain't enough to stop us
Niggaz shot at me before I got away, popped from a block away
Sucker niggaz be right there on one foot 'til I rock away
Next day I popped up, told niggaz it's my turf
They done seen the gun smoke, they done found my shells burn
Sabrina baby special, they treat me like a misfit
I squeeze (rnnn-rnnn) I risk it, I risk it
Different class of nigga, my hand around the trigger
Don't make me do it, I'll do it you stupid nigga

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Better Come On Your A Game by 50 Cent

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