Lyrics to Cocaine
by 50 Cent & Robin Thicke

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[edit]Song titleCocaine
[edit]Artist name50 Cent
Curtis JacksonCurtis James Jackson III
[edit]FeaturingRobin Thicke
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Intro: conversation between two men
Where did you get this stuff? Columbia
Oh, uhh... well, do you
mind if I, do a line?
Yeah, go ahead; fuck it, let's all do one
all sniffing
I can't feel my face
I mean I can touch it, but I
can't feel it, inside

Chorus: 50 Cent (Robin Thicke)
(Cocaine) I know police is watchin
(Cocaine) Hustlin I'm not stoppin
(Cocaine) I got to get my money,
you think shit is funny
Me I'm 'bout my business (cocaine)

50 - over Chorus
I see 'em watchin
I got the E
You muh'fuckin right

50 Cent
Columbian girl, Peruvian chick
She make the money roll
and I love the bitch
Know she ain't a virgin, but she pure
For the right price I'll let you
fuck with her raw (yeah)
A lil' like a pimp, I'm your pusher man
She could make us both rich
nigga, yes she can
You want your own spot,
let's talk locations
Then talk market and the
public relations (ooh)

Robin Thicke (50 Cent)
Everybody's watchin (yeah)
But no one talks about it (shut your mouth)
Right now - that's all it
was, anything call it
She said, sex just ain't the
same without it (woo!)
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50 - over Chorus
See 'em watchin
I ain't stoppin
I got the E

50 Cent
Every little step I take (c'mon)
You will be there
Every little step I make (look bitch)
We'll be together
So grateful (yeah) so faithful (uhh)
Every gram in the hand's more paper (c'mon)
I'll cut it, you sniff it
Or smoke it, terrific

Robin Thicke (50 Cent)
Movie stars, models and,
blondes and, cocaine (yeah)
New York, L.A. is, all the
same (c'mon, c'mon)
The angels look the other way
Cause they can understand my pain (pain)


50 - over Chorus
I see 'em watchin
Naw I ain't stoppin
Yeah, c'mon, business

Outro: 50 Cent
You niggaz got a problem, yeah
A big motherfuckin problem
At a minimum
I'ma have a nigga put
speedknots all over your
motherfuckin head
Ya dig? Oh shit

Robin Cocaine echoes
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Lyrics to Cocaine
by 50 Cent & Robin Thicke

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