Lyrics to I see you Found Another Trophy
by 7 Seconds

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[edit]Song titleI see you Found Another Trophy
[edit]Artist name7 Seconds
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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i watched you while you walked with her. made sure
she played her part, demure. she couldn't get a
word in, around you. you ask her where she's going
to and who she's spent time talking to. but you
don't care what she's been going through. another
trophy, tough guy! someone to bully, tough guy!
now won't you hurry up, and die soon? your latest
conquest, she's nothing more. your part time
punching bag and whore. she knows her place and
Find more similar lyrics on there, around you. surprised you even know
her name. you treat your women all the same.
consistent in the pain you put them through.
another trophy, tough guy! someone to bully, tough
guy! now won't you hurry up, and die soon? i see
you found another trophy, tough guy! you're
nothing but a fucking bully, tough guy. another
trophy, tough guy! someone to bully, tough guy!
now won't you hurry up, and die soon?
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Lyrics to I see you Found Another Trophy
by 7 Seconds

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