Lyrics to Heroin Chic
by 7 Zuma 7

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[edit]Song titleHeroin Chic
[edit]Artist name7 Zuma 7
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Crush my spine together now!
baby-blue eyes, open your mouth
use your mind speak my tongue
take my breath, breathe my lungs

Seeing things that I can't feel
live your own world, never the real deal
blow your bubbles, fleshy lips
c'mon and move those bony hips

Yeah - I'm floating in a stream
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Do you know we have a (sort of) situation
if you notice saturation
horny baby turn around
twisted colours take me now?

Deeper-deep inside your head
reminded of a summer-sunset
visions come and visions go
kill your baby, do it slow!
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Lyrics to Heroin Chic
by 7 Zuma 7

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