Lyrics to New Direction
by 88 Fingers Louie

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[edit]Song titleNew Direction
[edit]Artist name88 Fingers Louie
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Originally by Gorilla Biscuit

What do you mean it's time
Time for me to grow up?
I don't want any part
It's right to follow my heart
The new kids ran
Ran out the back door fast
And the bands that came before
They had their noses in the air
Pretending that they
cared about our scene
Just because our money's green
Find more similar lyrics on'll tell you stage dives
Make me feel more alive
Than coded messages in
slowed down songs
Now you're so ashamed
Now I'm so ashamed of you
We believed the same things
You stand to the side
Rebirth of hardcore pride
It all came true
Too bad you can't see
All the good things that I see
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Lyrics to New Direction
by 88 Fingers Louie

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