Lyrics to Memphis City Blues
by 8ball & Mjg

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[edit]Song titleMemphis City Blues
[edit]Artist name8ball & Mjg
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Said I got the blues (2X)
Memphis City Blues

Yeah, Light up the green, watch me light up the room
Watch me light up the mic, fat boy be the truth
Nigga live and learn, learn the streets or get burned
Niggas take what you earn, they be slick as a perm
Man I try to be slicker, try to be cunning and quicker
Try to be more than just another broke ass nigga
In this game of life, lose your life in the game
Take a life full of pain, make you remember my name
From the home of the blues, thought I paid my dues
It's hard to fill my shoes, imitators abuse
I just love the music, like my heart or my brain
Couldn't live without it, that's impossible man
I'm unstoppable man, from the bottom I came
Niggas scratching for bread, stumbled up on the fame
Humble niggas with game, shut yo mouth up and listen
Recognize it's a blessing thankful just to be living

I got the Memphis City Blues
Ooh, I could feel it now
The neighborhood pimps introduced us to pimping
And everybody we know
Used to play in them, street oh man, oh man, oh man

I got the Memphis City Blues
Ooh, I could feel it now
The neighborhood pimps introduced
us to pimping (This is how they
put it down)
And everybody we know
Used to play in them, street oh man, oh man, oh man

I had the Memphis City jones running through my bones
Way, way back with A+ beepers and gray phones
Even further back when I was just playing around the yard
Riding bikes and shit, falling and getting my legs scarred
Find more similar lyrics on the music city, Memphis, Tenn they turned me into this
My dad and a couple of my friends they played instruments
And when we used to roll to school at 16
We bumped shit like Bobby Womack and Al Green
Hell, I knew most of the old school shit from front to end
I would start to memorize four fives at age 10
I come from a city where R & B run deep
And the blues was the music that paved the whole street
It was only natural that we would
take the torch and run wit it
Be serious but still have a little fun wit it
MJG from a town that runs real deep
Ask B.B. King and Isaac Hayes on Bill Street


Yeah, On that pimping man, me and G was born and raised
Commodores, O'Jays, Frankie Beverly and Maze
Windows rolled down, no AC cause the gas low
Bread at a minimum but still we found a place to go
North to the South at my nigga house
Chiefing out
Skipping school learning what the Memphis City Blues bout
Me and G and a whole bunch of others
Had a rocky road to travel just to make the world love us

Cause it's The Memphis City really to call it itty bitty
Would be an understatement
We got big ass, cash, and titties
Big pimping working and hurt
The pockets of big tippers
Side dippers
And big jails to hide niggas
But we stayed out em
Hard times we prayed bout em
Nigga step up talking that shit and I laid out em
MJG reppin the Memphis Tennie
You and I could feel it
Pass me some of the Henny
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Lyrics to Memphis City Blues
by 8ball & Mjg

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