Lyrics to Can I Touch you There
by 98 Degrees

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[edit]Song titleCan I Touch you There
[edit]Artist name98 Degrees
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You say you want a man to
give you good lovin'
You want the passion with the
kissin' and the huggin'
Baby, all I think about is the
way it's goin' down
With your sexuality

Baby, can I touch you there
(Baby, can I touch you there)
Baby, can I touch you there
(Baby, can I touch you there)
I wanna get it everywhere
(I wanna get it everywhere)
Baby can I touch you there
Can you push my hand down there
Can I put my hand down there

Are you waiting for the next episode love
I got some more baby if you
didn't get enough
Let me give you what you need
While you've got me on my knees
Are you sure you can endure


I wanna see those legs in the air
Wanna see them up in the air

Find more similar lyrics on to me baby
Everytime I think of you
Girl you blow my mind (my mind)
I would never be the one whose
wastin' all your time
Just come with it (come on)
I'm down with it (I'm down)
Just come with it
If you're ready tonight
ooohh, ooohh, ooohh

We can do it by the refrigerator
Try some shit that we could
trip off for later
Let me lick you up and down
We'll make the sexy sounds
If we set if off tonight


Oh, baby
Does it feel good to you?
I know it does, baby
Oh yeah, Oh yeah

Baby can I touch you there
Can you play my game
Baby can I touch you there
Oh, oh, oh, oh baby
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Lyrics to Can I Touch you There
by 98 Degrees

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