Lyrics to This I Promise You
by 98 Degrees

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[edit]Song titleThis I Promise You
[edit]Artist name98 Degrees
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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When the visions around you
Bring tears to your eyes
And all that surround you
Are secrects and lies

I'll be your strength
I'll give you hope
Keeping your faith that is gone
The one you should call
I'm standing here all alone

And I will take you in my arms
And hold you right where you belong
Till the day my life is through
This I promise you
This I promise you

I've loved you forever
In lifetimes before
And I promise you never
Will you hurt anymore
I give my word
I give you my heart (Give you my heart)
This is a battle we won
And with this vow forever
has now begun_____

Just close your eyes (Close your eyes)
Each loving day (loving day)
And know this feeling
Find more similar lyrics on go away (Nooo)
Till the day my life is through
This I promise you
This I promise you...

Over and over I fall
(Over and over I fall)
When I hear you call
Without you in my life baby
I just wouldnt be livin at all

And I will take (I will take)
You in my arms (In my arms)
And hold you right where
you belong (Right where
you belong)
Till the day my life is through
This I promise you babe

Just close your eyes
Each loving day
And know this feeling
wont go away (Nooo)
Every word I say is true
This I promise you

Every word I say is true
This I promise you
Ooh I promise you
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Lyrics to This I Promise You
by 98 Degrees

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