Lyrics to Short Fuse
by 98 Mute

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[edit]Song titleShort Fuse
[edit]Artist name98 Mute
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Sometimes this world it really gets to me All of
the big heads my nerves get tested Just when I
think it's gotten the best of me I save my worst
for last My fuse it ends I reach the final draw A
sudden impulse It's time to break skulls And you
don't really want to be the straw that breaks the
camel's back I see the edge and I just got to push
it I don't know what comes over me I feel the
trigger and I just got to push it It's temporary
insanity Now I got the feeling now I've got the
itch Like an obsession I need aggression You turn
it on and I can't turn off the switch To stop the
current's flow Step in my mind if you want to come
Find more similar lyrics on me Were going for a ride a mental landslide
No destination I just want to see how far we can
go You can run you can hide You can stay right by
my side You can run you can hide I'm gonna swallow
someone else's pride No regrets no remorse for me
no way I've felt compassion it's a distraction And
tell me just who the hell are you to say who is
wrong or right Make a choice pay attention or pay
the price Can't live forever it's now or never
Listen up and pay heed to this advice I'm going to
lose my fucking head tonight So watch your back
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Lyrics to Short Fuse
by 98 Mute

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