Lyrics to Spellbound
by A Canorous Quintet

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[edit]Song titleSpellbound
[edit]Artist nameA Canorous Quintet
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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spellbound by the night
anger turns into rage
forced into rooms of hate
bleeding althought there is no wound
taking pleasure from torture
I see it eating me alive
I feel it burning me from inside
soothing our selfish thoughts
i'm empty in body and soul
no longer alive, dancing still dead
darkside forever alive
disease that can never be cured
leave it all behind, still I am trapped
will I ever be free?
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I wish I could end it now
I wish I could end it all
but there you are
pushing it over the edge
again and again and again

spellbound by my own illusions
to proud to fall down on my knees
I wish I could bleed, to
clean all the wounds
leave it all behind and drown in my dreams
for all my sins forgive me
and at last i'll be free
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Lyrics to Spellbound
by A Canorous Quintet

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