Lyrics to The Tenessee Promise Still Loves the Texas lie
by A Faith Called Chaos

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[edit]Song titleThe Tenessee Promise Still Loves the Texas lie
[edit]Artist nameA Faith Called Chaos
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The Tennessee promise still loves the Texas lie,
The light was green, 9:50 like your eyes.
I never thought I'd get out of
this (get out of this)
Last years near miss is today's sure hit

I'm still breaking limbs in this
Looking at how the pieces fit
Find more similar lyrics on chase, darling cleanse
The chill of whitest breath might win,
Cling to the worries of your boy
Call midland home

Hit another,
Hit another one for me.
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Lyrics to The Tenessee Promise Still Loves the Texas lie
by A Faith Called Chaos

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