Lyrics to Paperweight
by A Jealousy Issue

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[edit]Song titlePaperweight
[edit]Artist nameA Jealousy Issue
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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i bleed through every single day
with this burden labeled heart
worn thin by disappointment
hanging by a thread
a magnet for incisions
it has made me weak
an accomplice to malfunction
filled to the brim with lead
it serves no purpose
i have no need for this heart
for it receives no love at all
so impractical in it's nature
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defined only by shape not worth
i curse this heart
i wish it death
one stitch could save me
this heart just needs a spark
but it will not come soon enough
and i will once again be
lost beneath the black
i curse this heart
i wish it death
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Lyrics to Paperweight
by A Jealousy Issue

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