Lyrics to Among the Dead
by A True Story

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[edit]Song titleAmong the Dead
[edit]Artist nameA True Story
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Don't tell me that things will become better
Because I know that everyday will be the same
I've been driving all night
And there's no one in sight
Because everyone has gone away, yea
I'll make best friends with myself
Til you come back home
I'll drive through all the street lights
Through all the empty roads
(on the empty roads)
find it in you, to find it in me
I'll leave it to you to make me
cry (to make me cry)
all these footprints left behind
make me wonder if
anything will come of this
and now I'm heartless 'cuz you took
this part of me(part of me)
I'll do what you want and never be
afraid(never be afraid)
Of what you think, of what you
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(so stay away)(so stay away)
leave me alone
so keep away(so keep away)
don't come near me (dont come near me)
I wear a smile to hide the pain
Of watching him touch you
And I know his touch is unfamiliar
And I know you never wanted this like this
The day your life is spent
You'll walk among the dead
You'll stand unseen to me
And watch me, watch me bleed
Then you'll regret the day
You let me go away
'cuz you know it's your fault,
I lay here,I lay here
I lay here now
I lay here now(now)
I lay here now(now, I lay here now,now)
(I lay here now)(now)(I lay here now)(lay here)
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Lyrics to Among the Dead
by A True Story

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