Lyrics to A Picture of the World
by A Wilhelm Scream

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[edit]Song titleA Picture of the World
[edit]Artist nameA Wilhelm Scream
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I was fucking up, handing off the reigns to you. I
know the bodies, but I can't place names, so I
should be forgetting you. It's a cathartic song
like that other shitty one and I have never felt
so old. I'd cool off and sleep it away, but it's a
hot fucking day and I've got my afternoons alone
because you won't let him go. You let your
feelings oscillate. I was out of the running
without warning to find out the worst fucking way.
But every move that I missed I will take out on
another one. Because if we all get close and miss
then we are to take the short end of the stick and
dish it out. Is there someone who wants to know?
It's the same old shit though. Everyone's gotta
love the miserable. That's what they're in it for.
If there's a positive to your dramatic actions,
Find more similar lyrics on my ears so I'm not privy to it. This karmic
debt is screwed. And I know why. I want to burn
this picture of the world where all my thoughts
reside. I'm gonna burn this picture of the world
for all my friends and I. This picture's proving
now that I'm used to falling down. Don't leave me
down. An ardent call for resolution, or a wordy
premiss of old? I can sleep tonight, but it's
gonna be a long fucking time before my comic debt
is going to grow. Because you won't let him go.
Time will take its revenge, not just me. Lost is
the prospect of goals met. I'm 22 years closer to
death. I would have found that hard to believe
when I was 15. Familiar failure is all I know.
Please forgive me if it shows, but I won't stop
until this beats me, or I go crazy.
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Lyrics to A Picture of the World
by A Wilhelm Scream

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