Lyrics to Ouch!
by A

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[edit]Song titleOuch!
[edit]Artist nameA
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Here they come, out of the sun
You're one of us, you're on the bus
Round and round and upside down
Meet our friends from out of town
Sit down, we're close

Meet me or greet me, promise not to eat me
I know you need me, 'cos
I've seen your movie
D'you know that I cried
At the bit where you die?

Take a look, yeah you really should
Don't go down, nobody would
Use the talk bit of the phone
Make it clear you're coming home
They'll never know...

Meet me or greet me, promise not to eat me
I know you need me, 'cos
I've seen your movie
D'you know that I cried
Find more similar lyrics on the bit where you die
What I love you can't find
What I love, we do wrong

Where do you go? Flying over, say hello
Waddya you know?
You get what you're after
I don't know why you waste you're time

Waddya you know? (Pa-pa-pa)
What have we got here?
It's OK, I don't know why
you waste your time...

Meet me or greet me, promise not to eat me
I know you need me, 'cos
I've seen your movie
Meet me or greet me, promise not to eat me
I know you need me, 'cos
I've seen your movie

D'you know?
When you died
We do wrong
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Lyrics to Ouch!
by A

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