Lyrics to The Remedy
by Abandoned Pools

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[edit]Song titleThe Remedy
[edit]Artist nameAbandoned Pools
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I could use
A shot
Your Novocaine
My soul's a fuse
Blows away your name

Then you can be the remedy
And I can be the enemy
And he can go and live as nothing
They you can be the wanna be
And I can be the remedy
Find more similar lyrics on he can go to hell for all I care

Say this world is not so shallow
When you can't beg steal or borrow
Save your breath your soul is hollow
And it's all too much to swallow

Take this souvenir
They can't deny you were here
This scar always there
To medicate your fear
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Lyrics to The Remedy
by Abandoned Pools

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