Lyrics to Bye bye Granny
by Abby Normal

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[edit]Song titleBye bye Granny
[edit]Artist nameAbby Normal
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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What's so grand you can hardly stand
The years won't end for the cripple hand
What's so great when your years grow late
You can't control your shit as you disintegrate
Force fed through a tube geriatric food
You only take a bath when you're in the mood
There's a tumor over here and clot and a gland
Keep your teeth in a dish next to your bed pan

Hey what do ya say no this aint your day
A lost spirit on a trip to outer space
Bye bye, Granny Bye bye
Such a cruel joke you're gonna die
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Born to rot a way who the hell knows why

What's so fine about father time
He's a grumpy old man with a mind of crime
Here's a pill for your heart and a shot for your head
If it wasn't for your whining I'd swear you were dead
Another cardiac or is it a stroke
You better lay down on that hip you broke
Time to change your diaper well it's just depends
It all turns to shit when it nears the end

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Lyrics to Bye bye Granny
by Abby Normal

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