Lyrics to Equilibrium Pass by
by Abigor

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[edit]Song titleEquilibrium Pass by
[edit]Artist nameAbigor
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Obtained is now this crystal throne
That once upon a time unfolded before my inner eye
Extinguished equilibrium
While I became immortal

Time itself flows through my veins
As I rise my sword in lust for battle
The battle to feed my raging thirst for blood
As my soul reach the plateau of everlasting wisdom
That laid hidden for milleniums - unknown, unseen
For I am the harbinger of a new age
The age that rise between my outstretched arms
As I lick the blood of your flesh
The age that rise as I inhale your dying breath
Find more similar lyrics on the sun and the moon falls down
between my fingers - subconscious
Glassy tunnels reveal upon this wisdom's flame

The flame, a shivering mirror that reflects my osseous face
Bloodred are enlightened my bleak eyes that saw worlds crash
Into to the void, the void an empty abyss you call reality
Apocalypse pass by

As I settle down in the crystal throne to close my eyes
But is this really what I am striving for
An everlasting existence without any challenge
But what's an assignment for a god of the superior race
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Lyrics to Equilibrium Pass by
by Abigor

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