Lyrics to Galaxies and Eons Decline
by Abigor

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[edit]Song titleGalaxies and Eons Decline
[edit]Artist nameAbigor
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Hail you forgotten gods
Sleeping the step of death
Return to blood soaked power
To fierce tyrants reign
They somnambulate on burning foots prints
Haunting black infinity
The shadows beyond the stars
Unholy flesh of shoggots distorting time and space
Black tentacles atrocious – mouldery slimy trace
Recover the lands of an eons lasting dream
To enslave all mortal life
And bring madness over men
Hail you forgotten gods
Sleeping the step of death
Buried you dwell in R’lyeh
Receive my words – chaos… arise!
Winds of time chase my prayers
Through the depths – resurrect!
Wake the dead dreaming gods
Cthulhu thee who lurks beyond the threshold
Buried under black withered megaliths
Under cold and bare distant desert planets
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Fleshless bodies dream of a new return
Drunk now is my blood, opened is the path
Ancient Ones return, cosmic wrath unleashed
Shub Niggrath bleat! Your Sothoth arise!
Voices chanting pain – scream from a thousand mouths
Forces raising dead mountains of flesh
Protoplasmic waves spilled from outer space
Transformed is my flesh, blackened now my heart
Fallen my disguise – shoggot forces mine!
The triumphatic rise of the Ancient Ones
Invading land, sea and sky in their lust for chaos…
An age of occult worship
ph’nglui mglw nath Cthuluhu R’lyeh wgahnagl fhtagn…
To flesh turned fear in grey disguise
Has lead it’s trail for eons long
And eons more it will lead on
until the galaxy declines
Yet Luna splits her gruesome rains
Of light over a world in fright
And while the tides of time pass by
The grey still walks these haunted planes…
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Lyrics to Galaxies and Eons Decline
by Abigor

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