Lyrics to Wildfire and Desire
by Abigor

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[edit]Song titleWildfire and Desire
[edit]Artist nameAbigor
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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In the ancient tradition of conjuration
To satisfy my bestial urge
I raise blackened magic to the heavens, against the light
So appear and bring forth my desire
Flesh is the slave - my spirit reigns
As naked servant to my rite - enslaved creation
Raging wildfire for ritual soul cremation

No flame burns brighter than desire
Lust and passion, and pain as sinful gift
Wildfire in the heart of man - uncontrollable
Find more similar lyrics on'm the creature set ablaze with God's despised sin

Grant me irresistibility - power infinite
Let open up the earth to spew whores
Sexual rites to praise your name
Sitri! Twelveth of the great! Ioa Sabao!

No flame burns brighter than desire
Lust and passion, and pain as sinful gift
Wildfire in the heart of man - uncontrollable
I'm the creature set ablaze with God's despised sin
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Lyrics to Wildfire and Desire
by Abigor

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