Lyrics to The Inertia
by Aborted

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[edit]Song titleThe Inertia
[edit]Artist nameAborted
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Eyelids Scrutinize In This
Portrait Of Idolatry And Rot
Her Body So Fragile
Now In Post-Mortal Hands
I Am Retouching The Essence Of
Feminine Refinement

All Soothing Scalpel Guidetd Me To My Vision
The Era Of The Vane Lilled
The Beauty Of Creation

Paralyzed With Awe
Your Face
A Canvas Untouched

Blooming Like A Cancer
Narcissistic Nightmare
Maleficient And Repulsed At Your Own Sight

Eyelids Scrutinize In This
Portrait Of Idolatry And Rot
Her Body So Fragile
Now Broken By My Hands
I Am Retouching To The Essence Of Repulsion

What Is Vanity But A Shell
Find more similar lyrics on To Be Cracked
A Shattered Dream Chased By The Misfortuned

Aging Atrociously
Accelerated By A Vision,
A Vision Of Skin Consumed

The Era Of The Vane Killed
The Beauty Of Creation
Blatant Display Of Plasticine Horror

And The Big Mass Is Impressed
You Are So Beautiful
Crafted By The Finest Hands
Torn Apart By The Finest Tools
Put Back Together Like A Menstrual Soup

You Are So Beautiful
Lit Disgust To My Eyes At Dusk
Your Are So Pitiful
Your Face Tainted And Deformed

Eyelids Scrutinize
In This Portrait Of Idolatry And Rot
Her Body So Fragile
Now Broken By My Hands
I Am Retouching In A
Tell-Tale Of Drama Caught
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Lyrics to The Inertia
by Aborted

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