Lyrics to Unquenchable Thirst
by Abscess

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[edit]Song titleUnquenchable Thirst
[edit]Artist nameAbscess
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Saw cuts through flesh like a hot knife through
butter Jugular vein severed gushing vein blood
sputters Waterfall of plasma pouring out red
beauty terror filled Eyes turn to glass dead and
cloudy draining you dry Pushing blood from every
place pale dead flesh draped Across your emptied
Find more similar lyrics on lust for blood that cannot be Satisfied burns
my brain the more the liquid is supplied the Rush
of life plunging down my throat I drink from the
kill 'til My veins begin to bloat lifeless
skeletal shell is left Behind unquenchable thirst
frenzied bloodlust fills my mind
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Lyrics to Unquenchable Thirst
by Abscess

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