Lyrics to From an Unknown Plane of Existence
by Abyssic Hate

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[edit]Song titleFrom an Unknown Plane of Existence
[edit]Artist nameAbyssic Hate
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The powers of destruction fill my thoughts
Pure rage as yet unforeseen
Once my mind is at its death
My reign shall forever be

Victory - my soul has been destroyed
Slaughter - of the countless hordes
War - unites the strong to rise
Torture - pure evil has been renewed

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Roaming a land for which I do not care
This existence is incomplete
Until I taste the wines of their defeat

Pain - I no longer can withstand
Blood - I taste upon my lips
Death - unto the shapes of flesh
Hate - is what I possess
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Lyrics to From an Unknown Plane of Existence
by Abyssic Hate

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