Lyrics to Thunder and Lightning
by Accept

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[edit]Song titleThunder and Lightning
[edit]Artist nameAccept
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Roll on!
I feel the things growing worse
My head's playing tricks
I know it's going, going to my brain

Get the touch
Before the feeling gets too much
Running through my veins
Flying, lying, crying all night long

Roll on
Never stop - keep on moving,
Feel my mind goes on losing
Twilight zone is getting dark
Lighted by the sparks

Get the touch
Can't stand the pain
It's too much, much too much
He's the winner, he's the sinner,
The man beyond the good

Thunder and lightning,
take care of this man
Find more similar lyrics on and lightning, stand it if you can
Squeezing and teasing,
drugs you deep inside
Thunder and lightning,
keep it in your mind

He shows his claim
Claims are fact to me
His mirrored shield
Ah, if shouldn't be

Turn away
Before you turn to stone
He's a blaze - a chase - the
burning flame inside

Thunder and lightning -
take care of this man
Thunder and lightning -
stand it if you can
Squeezing and teasing -
drugs you deep inside
Thunder and lightning -
keep it in your mind
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Lyrics to Thunder and Lightning
by Accept

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