Lyrics to The Bones of Baby Dolls
by Acid Bath

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[edit]Song titleThe Bones of Baby Dolls
[edit]Artist nameAcid Bath
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Flower girls play lover
Grave games in the courtyard
I heard her
Screaming like a radio
Mary Lou left marks on you
She just screams at the walls
The kite string pops I'm
swallowed whole by the sky
She smokes the bones of baby dolls
Techno-lexus screaming meat
Find more similar lyrics on cold beneath my feet
Cyber love the anti-man
We make love& because we can
Virgins play whore the bayous blue
Barefoot (and bloody) eatin' mushroom stew
Work = pay, pay = freedom
Fuck them all cause we don't need 'em
Everything's gone dry
Like bottle glass scraping
cross the pavement
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Lyrics to The Bones of Baby Dolls
by Acid Bath

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