Lyrics to Breaking Locks
by Adam Green

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[edit]Song titleBreaking Locks
[edit]Artist nameAdam Green
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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When I checked into that hotel
I couldn't keep from making a living hell
I took off my jewlery
And rented a movie

Then I tried to call you
'Cause something confused me
I went for a walk
To find some blood

With the blinders eyes
On my miserable mug
Breaking Locks
And getting shocked

Noone should ever hold me up
I've been too aweful
To ever be thoughtful
To ever be nice

When I took of my winter clothes
Find more similar lyrics on body looked like fourty or fifty crows
Alone in my Mansions
I had to commando you

I was just escaping
Your conjugal sand dunes
Now I'm like this
A bare-chested ghoul

With his cigarette-eyes
And his visible drool

Breaking Locks
And getting shocked

Noone should ever hold me up
I've been too aweful
To ever be thoughtful
To ever be nice
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Lyrics to Breaking Locks
by Adam Green

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