Lyrics to You Don't Have to cry Anymore
by Adventures

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[edit]Song titleYou Don't Have to cry Anymore
[edit]Artist nameAdventures
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Hey! You don't have to cry anymore
I know you think I've done it all
I'm ten feet tall
Do you still blame me for what
life's put you through
Your self respect, the all time low
Wake up and show
Change this face so blue, to
the one I once knew
Hey! You don't have to cry anymore
It's not like before
Make it happen
Hey! You don't have to cry anymore
Take your wings up and soar
Make it happen
Find more similar lyrics on you really tried you'd make the grade
You're so afraid
There's no gain in sorrow
You put yourself down
I still believe there's left inside
Your gleaming pride
Kill this tired charade
Put your heart on parade
Hey! You don't have to cry anymore
It's just not like before
It won't happen
Hey! You don't have to cry anymore
You can walk through that door
As long as the sun keeps shining
I don't want to see you crying crying
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Lyrics to You Don't Have to cry Anymore
by Adventures

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