Lyrics to Point of you
by Age-9

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[edit]Song titlePoint of you
[edit]Artist nameAge-9
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Taking it to me and about me.
Question my strength,
you know they doubt me.
They don't know everything about me.
They don't know anything about me.
Everything they say is wrong.
Everything they see is a misconception.
They never get me down.
I turn my back, I refuse to listen.
Guilty of a horrible sin,
I thought first of myself and then them.
They don't seem to like that
line of thought from me.
They say I'm selfish,
they say I'm mean. what can I do,
I'm only human,
I'm trying. can't live for someone else,
that would be like dying. Imagine that,
my whole soul purpose in life,
to fit the mold of a clone and then die.
Now I have changed my point of view.
Now I can't see the point of you.
I've come to a realization,
you're nothing but an aggravation,
but don't worry,
it's not like I'm gonna'
Find more similar lyrics on you or hate you,
cause I erased you.
why waste time thinking about the dead.
I'd rather spend it with my friends.
Passing you by,
passing you by,
passing you by,
getting high on life.
Now I have changed my point of view.
Now I can't see the point of you.
I've changed my way of thinking,
I no longer try to like those who hate me.
For this you say I'm selfish,
For this you say I think I'm better.
Well. Jealousy and
friendship don't mix well.
Try to break me down I don't think so.
Stab me in the back,
it won't work.
Stab me in the back,
it don't hurt.
Too bad we can't be friends,
cause I would have done anything for you.
But that's all in the past,
you disgust me.
I don't want to know you.
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Lyrics to Point of you
by Age-9

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