Lyrics to Game over
by Agent Felix

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[edit]Song titleGame over
[edit]Artist nameAgent Felix
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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everything that you said
is kind
kind of pissing me off

so this one goes out to you
to tell you that I hate you
and god i hope you hate me too

i'm just glad I got to make you cry

i'm sorry
that I ever saw your face
that i ever asked your name
that i loved you for that while
that i ever made you smile

try to climb into my head
so you can see just how i feel
this hate that was once pretend
is now turning oh so real
I realize
taht im glad that your gone
wish you were standing
Find more similar lyrics on that bridge
when i burnt it to the ground

i've closed this door
at least 100 times
but i always leave the key
somewhere that you will find
but the next time
your hand gently knocks
you will find
that i changed the all of the locks

you pull me in close enough
to punch me in the face
still i come back again
why am i such a disgrace
you're not worth
all this pain that I feel
its over
im done this time for real

take my pictures off your wall
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Lyrics to Game over
by Agent Felix

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