Lyrics to I had Enough
by Agnostic Front

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[edit]Song titleI had Enough
[edit]Artist nameAgnostic Front
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I see right through your games
I know what´s going on
You need a desperate change
You think you´re the only one.

You got no sanctuary - as
far as I can see
You´ve got no power over me I disagree.

Set things straight - I´m
gonna set things straight
I´ve had enough
Find more similar lyrics on and me are gonna set things straight
I´ve had enough

I´ve got no time for this
My life is passing by
There´s nothing that I´ll miss
It´s time to say goodbye.

I´ve had enough
´cause you´re too much
I´ve had enough
you´re just too much.
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Lyrics to I had Enough
by Agnostic Front

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