Lyrics to Pledge Resistance
by Aiden

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[edit]Song titlePledge Resistance
[edit]Artist nameAiden
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Let's show this world we can be alright,
without it's sponsors word
I think my mind is almost washed,
America might change it's time line if
the media fucked off
and quit filling kids with lies.
I just can't let this record play (playnowIcan'tfind)
cause I feel like the masses are quietly lied to,
and they don't discuss the way (waynowIcan'tfind)
we treat foriegn country's who oppose our policy
And I feel (andIfeel)
so hollow
like a trapped soul inside of a desperate heart,
And I feel (andIfeel)
so hollow
this pledge of resistance is about to start now,
I just can't sing this song with out
Find more similar lyrics on heart cause I'm so alive ya I'm so alive
and I know this empire is run on (faithinanempirenow)
fear and this greed sets apart from innocence
And I feel (andIfeel)
so hollow
like a trapped soul inside of a desperate heart,
And I feel (andIfeel)
so hollow
this pledge of resistance is about to start NOW,
(Now)-This-(This)-Pledge-(Pledge) of
resistance now wont you
This-(This)-Pledge-(Pledge) of resistance now wont you
"We have nailed our names in
the pages of history enough for
Let's light this world on fire
and watch it burn
Let's light this world on fire
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Lyrics to Pledge Resistance
by Aiden

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