Lyrics to Why Must I
by Aimee Mann

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[edit]Song titleWhy Must I
[edit]Artist nameAimee Mann
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Note: For some reason
this isn't in tune...
It's *sort* of between
Ebm and Em, closer to
Ebm... so....
Capo 1 - Ebm maps to Dm

Chords: Fma9 XX3010

*** Intro:
Dm C | F G
Am /G F | C G
Dm C | F G

*** Verse 1:
Dm C F G
Why must I take it so hard
Am /G F
there's no light in the tunnel
or dog in the yard
Dm C F G
It's my fault for
wanting too much
Am /G F
going deeper than most
getting harder to touch

*** Chorus:
I've known days when I'd
wake up and say,
Am /G /F /E F
`The world can get
along just fine.'
Dm C F G Fma9
So why must I take it so
hard this time.

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Am /G F | C G

*** Verse 2:
Why must I take it so
hard - Dm C | F G
other people get by Am /G F
with either bourbon or God. C G
But my world became this
one boy Dm C | F G
it's the way that I'm
made - Am /G F
do you think I enjoy it? C G

*** Chorus:
I've known days when I'd F C
wake up and say, F G
`Just live and let it
all go by...' Am /G
/F /E | F
So why must I take it
so hard this time. Dm
C | F G | Fma9

*** Instrumental
||: Dm C | F G
Am /G F | C G :||
I've known days when I'd F C
wake up and say, F G
(instrumental) Am F | C G | C G
Be careful of the love
you find Am /G F | C G
| C G

*** Coda:
Be careful of the love
you find. Am /G /F /E
F | C G | G C
Oh, be careful. Am /G /F
/E F | C G | G C

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Lyrics to Why Must I
by Aimee Mann

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