Lyrics to Lets Ride
by Airbourne

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[edit]Song titleLets Ride
[edit]Artist nameAirbourne
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Alone out in the city
On the wrong dark side of town
Man, she's lookin' pretty
And the sun is goin' down

I said, who's that knockin' at my door
Wearin' soft silk lingerie?
You got your look from a book at a weekend sale
And now you wanna play

I said what's up, baby?
Why don't you come inside?
The big bad wolf is feelin' good
He's gonna make you feel alive

Let's ride like dogs in heat
Let's ride just you and me
Let's ride in between the sheets
And never stop till the sun comes up
Let's ride

Well, we rode all through the night
Like we never had before
Sweat poured from our bodies
As the bed bounced off the floor

She said, don't stop, honey, take me there
Do it to me all night long
I said, I ain't gonna stop till I blow the lot
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She said, harder, baby
Don't ever slow down
I said, don't worry, honey, I'm the big bad wolf
And I ain't gonna let you down

Let's ride like dogs in heat
Let's ride just you and me
Let's ride in between the sheets
And never stop till the sun comes up
Let's ride

What the hell you waiting for? C'mon, baby
Let's ride like dogs in heat
Let's ride just you and me
Let's ride in between the sheets
And never stop till the sun comes up

Let's ride, ride
Let's ride, ride
We're gonna ride, ride
C'mon, let's ride, ride
Oh, yeah, we're gonna ride, ride

C'mon, baby, c'mon, girl
C'mon, baby
What are you waitin' for?
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Lyrics to Lets Ride
by Airbourne

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