Lyrics to Three Wise Men
by Aja Daashuur

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[edit]Song titleThree Wise Men
[edit]Artist nameAja Daashuur
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Who stole my image from my looking glass?
Was it you in the top hat and a cane dipped in brass?
Tell me who stole my image from right before my eyes?
Was it three wise men: me, myself and I

You better watch yourself in the mirror
Make sure your image is constantly clearer

Who stole me money from out of my hand?
Was it you, the shadow in the corner, you gray old man?
Tell me who took my coins before I start to cry
Was it three wise men again: me, myself and I
Three wise men: me, myself and I

You better watch yourself in the mirror
Find more similar lyrics on sure your image is constantly clearer

If I ask you question will you answer it true?
Do you know who you are and the sins and regards that
Are due unto you?
Can you name your bad thoughts
as smoothly as your good deeds?
Do you lie to yourself when you pray down to God
On your knees?

Three wise men: me, myself and I
Three wise men: me, myself and I
Three wise men: me, myself and I
Three wise men: me, myself and I
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Lyrics to Three Wise Men
by Aja Daashuur

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