Lyrics to Light at the end of the Tunnel
by Ajalon

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[edit]Song titleLight at the end of the Tunnel
[edit]Artist nameAjalon
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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So you think you're wise to the ways of the world
Watching the madness with a cynical eye
Speaking your judgement with a trembling chin
And quietly closing the shade
You cannot hold back all the years of your pain
Do you wish you could leap from this runaway train
You've spoken His name called Him time and again
But your doubt always kept Him away

Minutes to hours and hours to days
I seems just as black as the night
There's only so much of this life you can take
With no hope of a rescue in sight
You feel you've lost salvation
I wish you knew the truth
That He's always waited right here by your side

He's the Light at the end of the tunnel
He's the Beacon that guides your way
You can't count on tomorrow to come
You need His love today!
His eyes have always been with you
You've never left His sight
Return to your Shepard
Let Him lead you out of the night

Find more similar lyrics on do you spend your life running away
Have you given Him reason to doubt
Why do you hide from the Light of the world
when you know He's the only way out
If you question the joy of surrender
You need look no further than me
Will you ever hear Him knocking on your door

You're not the type to be easily led
You've been around for so long so it's said
And though you have judged by the fact you have seen
The conlcusion you draw is a lie
The world keeps on turning around and around
Day becomes night becomes day
Sooner or later your house will come down
and your passion will whither away
But for the clock keeps ticking away
And you've never a guarantee
Until you open up and let Him in


...Return to your Shepard
It's gonna be alright

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Lyrics to Light at the end of the Tunnel
by Ajalon

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