Lyrics to Infernal Rites
by Akercocke

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[edit]Song titleInfernal Rites
[edit]Artist nameAkercocke
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The blanket of stars
In the holy lands sky
Antichrist, my guiding light
I trace your
footfalls in the
Whispered on desert winds
Borne on angels wings
Dark lord, Oppressor
Beguiling progeny of evil
Once and future Christ
Opposer in divinity
The antidote, thy shadow
Satanic majesty
Revalations, damnation
Infernal evocation
Thy second coming
Baptised in flame
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Emperor Lucifer
Redeem me from bondage
Incline unholy power
Adonay - Elohim
Ariel - Jehovam
Thou art my creator
Sovereign master
Hereunto I serve thee
with soul and body
with soul and body

Solo- P.S.

Antichrist, naked flame
The blanket of stars
In the holy lands sky
Antichrist, my guiding light
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Lyrics to Infernal Rites
by Akercocke

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