Lyrics to Hamartia: Movement ii
by Aletheian

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[edit]Song titleHamartia: Movement ii
[edit]Artist nameAletheian
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Churning in these tempest tides, ebbing towards decay.
Foundations desecrated by impiety.
Languished, forlorn, unable to maintain.
Encompassed by despondency.

"I'm drowning.
My toils proving vain.
Darkness swallowing my will to breath, I'm gasping"

Labored cries reflect the failure of an ingrown life.
Enslaved to the nature of contradiction,
controlled by desires that subvert hallowed intention.
Enveloped in incompletion, void, barren, destitute.
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"This emptiness within me leaves me ever searching."

Yearning for purpose and contentment,
striving to supplement the pervading depravity.

"Senseless, my life's lost in shadow.
Failure to see beyond the ashes."

Downward spiral of insignificance masked by
escapist indulgence in impropriety.
Despair abated by over stimulation of momentary pleasure.
Willful furtherance of eternal separation
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Lyrics to Hamartia: Movement ii
by Aletheian

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