Lyrics to If you Were Here Tonight
by Alexander O'neal

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[edit]Song titleIf you Were Here Tonight
[edit]Artist nameAlexander O'neal
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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As the night moves in
Love takes on a new meaning
If you were here
You would know what I mean to say

The circumstance leaves me
Only waiting for the chance
I only want to love you more, more
Can't you understand it?

Girl, you know how much I care
It's not the way I planned it no
If you could only know my feelings
You would know how much I do believe

If you were here tonight by my side
If you were with me now
When the lights go out, I cannot pretend

This bed's too big for me
To be in alone, all alone
Slow burn light a candle for our love, love
So we'll always be one to one in love, ooh, love

Can't you understand it?
Girl, you know how much I care
It's not the way I planned it no
If you could only know my feelings
You would know how much I do believe
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If you were here tonight, oh love
By my side if you were with me now
Every night alone I just wait here anticipating
For the day I won't feel this way, baby

Please don't keep me waiting
Come to me if you were here tonight
Ooh oh, girl, be by my side
Girl, this bed's too big for me
For me to be in all alone, all alone
(By my side)

Don't keep me waiting, baby
If you were with me now
Oh, oh, ooh, hold me, girl, all night
Want you for myself, do me right
Got nobody else, all by myself

Got nobody else, girl
This love is true
Please take me home
Be with you tonight
Give our love a light

Do just what you feel
Please, don't be a tease
Girl, I love you more
You're the one that I adore
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Lyrics to If you Were Here Tonight
by Alexander O'neal

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