Lyrics to Mary
by Alexz Johnson

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[edit]Song titleMary
[edit]Artist nameAlexz Johnson
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Mary doesn't like nobody
She a real sad case
See Mary's like her lucky charms
Ya Mary doesn't know her place

The girl can't sleep
That Mary she can be real weak
She's got a heart of gold
But Mary thinks she's getting old

See Mary doesn't know somebody
Loves her more than life itself
She doesn't know somebody
Keeps a picture of her on their shelf

Mary doesn't know somebody
See's her eyes and begins to melt
Mary we'll wait
It's not too late
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She doesn't know what she's missing
All the boys she'd be kissing
But she's deep in her head
C'mon Mary get your ass out of bed

I know I've read it in a story
But Mary never seems to bore me
She doesn't want to belong
Her mission is to prove you wrong


Mary will come back someday
She'll find a way
There will come a day, I know
Mary will know what to do
She's breaking through
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Lyrics to Mary
by Alexz Johnson

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