Lyrics to Perfect
by Alice Cooper

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[edit]Song titlePerfect
[edit]Artist nameAlice Cooper
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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She's an overnight sensation
In the mirror on her wall
She gets a standing ovation
At every shower curtain call

And she becomes a pop star
In the safety of her car
And then she falls to pieces
At the karaoke bar

And she's perfect
Until the lights go on
And then it all goes wrong
'Cause now she's
not so perfect

She can shake it
just like J-Lo
When the bedroom
lights go down
But when she hits
the dance floor
She's a hip-hop hippo clown

She's perfect
Until the lights go on
And then it all goes wrong
'Cause now she's
not so perfect
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She's perfect
She's so fine
She's so wonderful
In the arena of her mind

She's not perfect
She's all mine
She can't sing or dance
She ain't got a chance
But baby, I don't mind

She's perfect
Oh, she's perfect
Ah, she's so perfect
You know, she's so perfect
Ah, ah, ah

Sing baby
Dance, dance, dance
You got it
Shake it down
Oh, that's bad
That's bad
I love you baby
That's just awful
You got it
You got it
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Lyrics to Perfect
by Alice Cooper

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