Lyrics to Anyone but me
by Alice Peacock

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[edit]Song titleAnyone but me
[edit]Artist nameAlice Peacock
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm finding it hard to live with my heart
And look at you straight in the eye
To know what I know
And know that you don't
It's getting harder and harder to hide
Baby I've tried and tried to make it real
But I can't lie about what I can't feel
You should be in love
You should have the Sun and Moon
And all the stars above baby
You deserve someone
Who can give it all to you
The way that I can't seem to do
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In love with anyone...anyone but me
I've lied to myself and everyone else
And I can't keep lying to you
Cuz' I loved you once, I loved you so much
So I need to tell you the truth
Baby you need to know
You're my best friend
So I can't fake it, I can't pretend
Someday you'll smile again - I know
Think of me then
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Lyrics to Anyone but me
by Alice Peacock

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