Lyrics to Going to lose without
by Alicia Keys

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[edit]Song titleGoing to lose without
[edit]Artist nameAlicia Keys
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm up against the beautiful me
In my mirror
When I still have my mind cazy
In my mirror
Cause I feel 's like my free game
Without it I can't exist
Or just halflife

But the world is spinnin'
Can't you kiss some widing?
So tell me, what's happen when I'm stoped?

PLease tell me am I so very bad?
I'm losin' my mind
Losin' my voice
Cause the time hungry
It eat my wings
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I'm just going to lose

Today my last breathe away
In my mirror
But somewhere I will deny my life
In my mirror
Tell me beautiful me, why can't I fly?
I'm not a winner
Just losin' girl
Without it I can't exist
Or just half life

But the world is spinnin'
Can't you kiss some widing?
So tell me, what's happen when I'm stoped?

au Refrain
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Lyrics to Going to lose without
by Alicia Keys

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