Lyrics to Happy Death Day
by Alien Ant Farm

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[edit]Song titleHappy Death Day
[edit]Artist nameAlien Ant Farm
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I slowly shoot these words like weapons
And go insane
I watch you drive your stupid car
You go away
You never were one to use caution
And you gonna pay
You know I'd love to see it happen
I always tried to keep you near me
Without the pain
I love to tie us into knots
We slipped away
I tried to captivate
you, on that evening
He was leaving, with the
girl I'd love to kill

Happy Death day to you baby
I know you're flying in the blue now
We'll be together real soon now
baby, don't you worry
Papa's got a brand new body bag for you

Find more similar lyrics on cars run through my mind
Reminiscent Bay
I think of north on valentine
I wish you'd stay
You never were one to use caution
It slipped away
I somehow knew this would happen


And I got a fresh new kind of attitude
I slowly shoot these words like weapons
And go insane
I watch you drive your stupid car
You go away
You never were... You never were...
You know I'd love to see it happen

Chorus 2x

And he ain't ever ever
coming back to you
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Lyrics to Happy Death Day
by Alien Ant Farm

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