Lyrics to Armageddon
by Alkaline Trio

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[edit]Song titleArmageddon
[edit]Artist nameAlkaline Trio
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I wrote the words to this song on
the back of a photograph
Behind your back it goes
A little something like this
is way to big to miss
I got a letter in the mail
The sender failed to let me
know where it came from
Opened it up and sure enough there we were
arm in arm (up in arms) again
I know it's small but my last call's been called
half an hour ago
I know it's late but do you
think you could at least
Find more similar lyrics on it for me
Then I'll go I'll go alone I swear
I won't tell a soul
I'll drink this beer and write in fear
of a song everybody hates
Armageddon, let the light in
Before we say goodbye give us
something to believe in
Armageddon, we're not begging
For too much I don't think
Just need a goodbye kiss (one last salute)
Before we sink
We sink
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Lyrics to Armageddon
by Alkaline Trio

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